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About me

An expert in user-oriented interactive design with solid communication and managerial skills, I am a good candidate for a creative partner in any new online or mobile application venture.

Described once as "a designer who thinks", I am a senior communications professional with a background in both science and the visual arts, a passion for graphic design and a focus on creative, editorial and strategic thinking.

I began my career as web designer in London, eventually working Senior Interactive Designer at Fitch Design Consultants, where I was in charge of UX Design and Interface Design for several multi-milllion pound online ventures.

Today I continue designing and developing web and mobile applications as well as marketing, communication and social media strategies for a variety of clients, applying creative and technical talent with seasoned managerial skills.

Three sabbatical years as Head of Communications at the Galapagos National Park increased my skills set significantly. I developed a new 5-year strategic communication strategy for the institution and designed products for all media, including an environmental interpretation centre and the new Galapagos National Park website, as well as their social media guidelines.

I continue to offer a complete and complementary set of services to clients and agencies in Europe and beyond.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Design
  • Wireframing / UX Design for front and back end interfaces
  • Graphic and interface design
  • Interface Production Management
  • Social Media Applications & Websites
  • Community Development & Management
  • Creative Development incl. Ambient Media
  • Internal Communications
  • Client Presentations
  • Pitch Design & Presentation


My executive roles so far have included:

  • Communications management
  • Creative direction
  • Project management

My technical roles so far have included:

  • UX Design and Interface Design
  • Graphic design
  • Art direction

My editorial roles so far have included:

  • Executive reports: writing, designing and editing
  • Corporate presentations: writing, designing and editing
  • Documentary: script writing, production management and editing